• Safe!

    Nathan Proulx slides home

  • Awesome Catch!

    Catcher Dave Nelson stretching to make the catch

  • Goffstown Post 16 ALB SR Team 2015

    • Wins 8

    • Losses 8

    • Ties 0

  • Goffstown AL Baseball

    Welcome to the official online home of the Wesley Wyman Post 16, American Legion Baseball Program, in Goffstown, NH.

    Little known fact - all time baseball great Yogi Berra received his famous nickname while playing in American Legion Baseball.

    Other prominent ALB players include Ryne Sandberg, Roy Campanella, Dusty Baker, Mark Teixeira, Bob Feller, Ted Williams, Frank Robinson, Albert Pujols, Greg Maddux and Chipper Jones.
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