New Graduating Seniors Rule Rescinded!

Some great news from the American Legion National meeting in Indianapolis yesterday –

“The rule of not allowing graduating seniors the right to play legion
baseball was rescinded. Post graduate high school players will still be allowed to play legion baseball as long as they meet the age eligibility requirement.
But, we do have to wait on one ruling after they have the NEC Conference next month. There was talk of changing the eligibility date from our long
standing cut off of December 31st.

This year for the first time, the members of the national baseball committee attended the meeting. Each region member (we have 8) moderated each legion
caucas we had on Saturday morning. They brought back our discussions to the meeting floor. EVERY REGION voted to keep the cut-off date to 12/31.
EVERY REGION voted unanimously. In my opinion the date won’t change, but stranger things have happened, so we have to wait and see on that.
Once I receive the results of our meeting and the rules changes, I will forward to you.”